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My Precious Family in Christ, 

I don’t know what holds you back from freedom in Christ, but I do know from personal experience what it’s like to feel powerless and defeated. I have walked through many painful places in my life. I have been teaching the Word of God and speaking at women’s retreats and conferences for over twenty five years until I got diagnosed with cancer.


I am often asked for the faith formula I used to break free from depression, food addiction, how I got healed from my painful past, and then conquered a cancer battle. I love sharing the story of God’s grace and faithfulness in my own life. But my heart longs to be more than a motivator, I also want to be a mentor. If you're wanting an online mentor, AKA "Auntie Rose," to walk with you, I invite you to join me each week here at for refreshing revelations on love, life and our Lord! 

I am praying for you to experience a beautiful breakthrough in every area of your life. Together we will look to the word to work through the many battles we women face every day. 



Sheri Rose 









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