CHAPTER 1 IN SOMEONE’S LIFE by Emmy Joy Shepherd

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

The term discipleship can be daunting. The thought of being discipled can be scary because a lot of us don’t know who to trust, who really wants the best for us. Who cares to see us get out of situations that hurt us? Then the thought of discipling can be even more scary sometimes because what if we say the wrong thing? What if people trust us too much but we don’t even have the answers? What if we hurt people the way we are afraid of being hurt? My friend Abigail said something that stuck with me. She said that she thought that when Jesus and his disciples weren’t performing miracles or walking on water or multiplying gluten, they were probably just hanging out, being bros. How everything that wasn’t recorded in the Bible was probably just them being there for each other. Laughing together, coming up with secret handshakes or walking each other through hard things. They were friends, like we’re all friends. I loved that because that’s really all discipleship is: friendship. Being there for someone, listening to them and asking God what he wants you to say, if anything. If you’re discipling someone and you are always above them, or better than them, or make sure they know that you know more than them, then you’re doing it wrong. It’s not as scary as you’d think. It’s just love. It’s acceptance and a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen and a heart to understand. It’s empathy and making the time of day. It’s answering the phone at 2am or being there when someone loses a person they love. It’s offering a new perspective and always, always pointing them towards the Father. The reason this is important to understand is because you don’t have to declare someone your disciple to have an impact in their life. It’s crucial to look at every friend, every interaction, ever conversation, as an opportunity to say something that hits their heart (and remember if you’re not careful it can have a bad impact too). My friend Gill told me about her friend who had just a 20 minute conversation with this random guy and he told her “if my life were a book, this guy would have a chapter.”

It begs the question, are you a chapter in anyone’s book? Do you want to be? Is it a good chapter or a bad one? And more importantly, it can only take one conversation to have a chapter in someone’s story, decide what kind of chapter you want to be.