FIRST TO TRUST by Emmy Joy Shepherd

There will always be people who do unforgivable things. Who dive so low it seems like they can’t be helped or pulled out. People who it feels like you shouldn’t trust, shouldn’t forgive, shouldn’t even love. But when those kinds of people want to start over, where can they start? Losing peoples respect & trust is painful. It’s full of regret & self punishment & anger. So people say “don’t trust them”, “they lie, they steal, you will regret it”

Maybe it’s all true

Maybe there are people we shouldn’t trust.

But my thought is, how can someone possibly ever start over if there isn’t someone to trust them first. To believe in them first.

We all need people to give us second chances, and third and fourth chances. I’m not saying do this to everything, I’m not saying to take advantage of a person who is that for you. But everything starts with 1 person. 1 person to believe in it. 1 person to say “hey, maybe this will work out. Maybe we should just have a little faith. It might go to hell & we might regret it. But let’s try.”All I’m saying is I think I know what kind of person I want to be. I want to be the one who trusts first. Who proceeds with caution & discernment & prayer, but I want to be the person to believe first. To forgive. To have a little faith.

And the hardest thing sometimes, is when that person who needs someone to trust them first, is you. And maybe you have to trust yourself first.

Life isn’t 1 story and trying not to mess it up. It’s a million billion moments. A million chances and seconds and people and stories. It’s a thousand horrible mistakes and a thousand chances to start over. Have a little faith. Be the first to trust, even if it’s just in yourself.