Spiritual Identity Theft

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Spiritual Identity Theft

In John 10:10 God warns us that Satan wants only to kill, steal, and destroy us. The best way for Satan to accomplish his mission is to give us a false identity. Jesus gave His life to give you a new identity—the kind of identity that is carved so deeply on our hearts that it can never be erased by another person’s hurtful words. Many of us have experienced spiritual identity theft. We’ve lost our confidence in who we are in Christ, and we feel worthless or wounded by someone’s words. Others of us hold in our hearts a false identity. We believe a lie about ourselves, and that lie defines us. You do not have to let others’ hurtful words define you anymore. Those who spoke them did not give their lives, as Jesus did, to prove your worth...the truth is you are a treasured daughter of the King! I know what it is like to feel worthless and to have word curses spoken over you. When I was in high school, an English teacher walked up to me in front of all of my classmates and said, “Sheri Rose, you were born to lose in life. You will never, ever amount to anything.” At that moment, I traded my all my Dreams & hope for the future for a lie that kept me locked up for years. Praise the Lord, that English teacher did not teach God’s grammar lesson. Gods grammar lesson is, “Don’t put a period where I have put a comma, because I have a plan for every life I create.”In Jeremiah 29:11, God tells us he has plans for us—


For I speak the truth and detest

every kind of deception.

Proverbs 8:7

qh I don’t know who broke your heart or struck you with lies, but I do know how to help you reverse the word curses...


Whenever a lie is spoken to you or enters your mind, speak out loud: “That is a lie. The truth is . . .” Then say the truth out loud so your mind will hear your mouth.


If someone speaks a hurtful word to you, then speak to yourself out loud: “That is a lie. The truth is, my worth is not in what anyone else says about me. I will not allow someone’s hurtful words to define me any longer.”

FAST OFF LIES. Try a seven-day fast by not speaking anything negative about yourself or repeating any lies that have been spoken over you or about you. If possible, ask a friend to hold you accountable to speak only truth.


I believe if your heavenly Father wrote you a personal love letter for today, it would read like this:

My Beloved Daughter ,

You are royalty even when you don’t feel like a princess. How you feel about yourself will never change the truth of who you are in Me. You are My treasure, and I have chosen you. If you ever begin to doubt your significance, just look to the cross and remember I gave My life to prove your worth. I see your heart and I know you fight to find truth. So start by recognizing who I am: the King of Kings and Lord of Lords—and your Daddy in heaven. Saturate yourself in My truth and you will discover how loved and treasured you are.


Your Lord who is Truth

Treasure of Truth

How You Feel About Yourself, Will Never Change Who You Are In Christ.