Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Written By My Daughter Emmy


One of the wildest things I’ve seen on the race so far is the children I’ve encountered in every country. The kids who wear the same clothes weeks on end, eat what they can find, don’t have parents or much family, kids who get maybe one meal a day and don’t really have anything of their own. When you think of these kids maybe you don’t know what to expect, I know I didn’t. But I was picturing kids who didn’t know how to receive love. Kids who were possessive over the small things they did own. Kids who were afraid to let people in. Kids who didn’t care about others because they were too busy just trying to stay alive. But alas, 3 months in Swaziland with hundreds of kids in these situations was a brutal awakening for me. Instead of trying to teach them things or love on them or break down their walls or give them things, they did all of those things for me. Who knew kids who had barely anything would share whatever they did have. They’ll walk into a room with a baggie of 7 Cheetos, they’ll give them all away. To me! To the person who has as much food as I can eat and they know it. I’ll be exhausted after a long day and they’ll come up and braid my hair, they’ll ask me how I am. When I’m crying they’ll hug me and most of the time they’ll cry too. They carry their friends on their backs, theyll give up their shoes and wash each other’s faces. They’ll share everything they have because that’s how they love. It’s just natural. No one taught them that, no one told them that’s what jesus would do, they just do it. They’re jesus to people without even knowing it. They possess nothing yet really, they have everything. They have the love in their heart. They pursue people. They don’t hold back and they love without any boundaries or fear.

I hope one day to raise my kids to be like care point kids. To raise them to be strong. To love hard and with everything they have. I don’t want the things they desire to just be stuff. I want them to want people. To go after people. To give away whatever they do have to people who don’t have it. I want them to wipe their friends faces and be shoulders to cry on and braid each other’s hair and give away the last bit of what they have. And not only do I want to raise someone like that I so badly want to be someone like that. Who knew I needed to fly across the world to find who I wanted to be in a group of little kids with nothing to give.

In His Love,

Emmy Joy Shepherd

Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 18:3