WEEP, REPEAT by Emmy Joy Shepherd

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Jesus wept...

I’ve read this time and time and time again in the Bible. I didn’t stop for it or think twice about it. But if you really stop to read it again, read it a hundred times, what does it mean?

Empathy. I think the best thing you can have in this life is empathy. Jesus was the embodiment of empathy. Loving what someone else loves, fearing what someone else fears, crying when someone else cries. So many people discourage weeping. Some see it as weakness, others see it as dramatic or too vulnerable. I’ve never understood that, I think vulnerability is criminally underrated. Weeping heals. Opening your heart up and letting all of its contents fall on the table like emptying a piggy bank. Not concealing or building a wall around your heart, keeping all your tears, fears, and feelings safely covered by layers of brick and stone. That’s not what your hearts for.

Jesus taught me that. Not to hide, not to be afraid of emotion. One could say that Jesus was pretty dramatic, but I think it’s better to be dramatic than cold. Better to openly weep in public than go through life with a robotic programmed response to everything. I’ve heard it’s bad to cross oceans for people who wouldn’t do the same for you. But I don’t believe in that, and I don’t think Jesus does either. Cross oceans for people. Take the risks, do the most for someone even if you think they’ll never do the same. Jesus did. He died on a cross, and I don’t think he did it because he knew we would all do the same for him. Because we probably wouldn’t. But he didn’t care that we wouldn’t, he did the most for us just because of how much love he has for us. I don’t know if there’s any earthly thing that we can do that compares to that, but we can try.

We can weep. Weep for the people who hurt, who break, who starve, who have no one to weep for them. We can weep for and to ourselves. We can weep with Jesus. We can pursue, as Jesus did. Pursue with everything we are, and love people to our core.