WHAT IT IS & WHAT IT ISN’T by Emmy Joy Shepherd

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

So there I was, lying down on a rooftop in Nepal listening to a million different voices and horns and stories around me. Breathing in the cold air and thinking about how much stuff I used to think I needed. All the stuff that surrounds us as we sit on our phones. All the nothing that’s on billboards and sides of busses. All of the things we shove in the back of our closet. I thought I was leaving a life behind when I went on this trip. I thought I was giving up all my things I need and coming back to them one day. But turns out I haven’t thought about a single one of my belongings. Because life isn’t something you can buy at a store or order off amazon. Life isn’t gifts you unwrap or movies you download. Life is wisdom you get from the people you love you, or even the people you don’t. Life is sitting in a circle with your friends and telling stories and laughing until you can’t breathe. Life is sunsets that take your breathe away and people who remind you to breathe. Life is made up of little embarrassing moments, little sweet words and long, warm hugs. Life is strangers that you tell your story to or weird questions you ask or jokes you come up with. Life is take one picture and then actually SEE. It’s color! It’s time! It’s a sky full of stars and tiny hand made gifts. It’s freckles on your face and your best friends dorky laugh. It’s handwritten letters and being held by your mom when you cry. It’s finding humor in struggles and running until your lungs sting. It’s sometimes pain and maybe some heartbreak but it’s also holding your friends hands and telling strangers you love their smile. It’s holes in your socks and dirt on your feet and those moments that make you remember why you’re alive! It’s not a thing, it’s not even a goal, it’s not even a job. It’s everything in between everything we think it is. Don’t miss it.

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