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7 Ways To Raise Up A Warrior 

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Sheri Rose's Teaching on Was #1 Show of the year on Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast. In These 4 Video Bible Life Coaching Sessions Coaching with Sheri Rose will empower moms, grandmas & Aunties to use their God-Given influence & role in a boys life toddler to teens to inspire & Instruct these future men of God. Get ready to Learn, laugh and love this teaching, as you discover the biblical tools & best ways to build up our sons, grandsons & nephews to become Heroes of Faith & Live Out Their Faith & be faithful,




 Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Become a Hero of Faith & Family


  Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Speak Love & Life To Others


 Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Take Responsibility & Resolve Conflict


 Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Help & Honor Women & Girls


   Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Be A Respectable Man of His Word


   Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Pursue the Power of Purity


 Raising Up Our Sons ...

To Have A Real Relationship with God

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Raising Up Warrior Sons

Coaching Session 1 

Raising Up Warrior Sons

Coaching Session 2

Raising Up Warrior Sons

Coaching Session 3

Raising Up Warrior Sons

Coaching Session 4


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